CTXM Online Gambling Software It has offices in the UK and Luxembourg, as well as development centers in Europe. CTXM is well-known for providing full IT-support (such as software development, system maintenance and security), as well as gaming platforms to various famous casinos. Besides having secure services, CTXM is best known for its exceptional game application development and innovations.

Great Visual Effects

  • CTXM games feature great multimedia effects, so it is fun to play them! By using Flash and Java technologies, CTXM is able to imitate real-life games, thus giving people once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience. Moreover, its applications work on the Internet, but also on mobile phones, so players can choose whichever fits best their needs.


  • CTXM offers a variety of online games from games that can be played alone to multi-player games. Another interesting feature of CTXM is the combination of fun and entertainment with financial gains. Players can enjoy their games and in the same time win a large amount of money. The fix-odd system used by CTXM for some of its casino games is well-known because it has proved to be quite profitable.

Multiple business domains

  • CTXM focuses on multiple fields such as game development, producing games content, web-based gambling, IT consulting, as well as systems and security. This is how CTXM manages to create added value to its clients, and – implicitly – to its players. As far as the company’s software and solutions are concerned, we can agree that CTXM has extensive gaming knowledge. This unique knowledge in the remote gaming field gives CTXM an enormous comparative advantage over its rivals. They do not offer only applications and casino-interface, but they also provide external content, IT services, and many others.
  • The advantage mentioned before is due to the extensive partnership CTXM makes use of. There are simple application orders, but there are more complex partnerships in which CTXM provides fully-managed online casino gaming solutions https://playcanadacasino.com/jackpot-city/. This is known as the “one stop shop” and it includes everything an online casino needs: software, integration platform, as well as a variety of gaming applications. A well-known CTXM product in this sense is the XCasino which is an end-to-end solution (software) for web-based casinos offering back office and client interface in the same time. This software comes with extra marketing tools which can also be integrated easily into any casino application or platform.

Other Advantages

The best thing in CTXM is that it combines a specific knowledge of financial applications with the special knowledge of innovative game creation. The result is a wide range of interesting casino games as well as many enthusiastic casino players. We should also underline the importance CTXM ascribes to quality and security. The best evidence for this is the Lloyd’s Register quality certification given for CTXM because of complying with ISO 9001:2001. So quality and CTXM go hand in hand!

All in all, we can agree that CTXM defines the standards in the online gaming industry. It develops and provides cross-platform applications and solutions that are enjoyed by millions of players from all around the world. So when it comes to the web-based entertainment industry, CTXM is definitely a leader!