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On Feministing: Violence Against Afro-Latinxs

My last two posts on Feministing focused on the African diaspora throughout the Americas. Here are a few excerpts: Like in the US, Black women in Brazil face racist state violence The violent policing of low-income communities of color speaks … Continue reading

11. September 2014
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Latinas Feministas: Comandante Ramona

Photo via Bitch Magazine I’m trying to bring back my Latinas Feministas series, and expand it a bit. Today’s Feminista is from Mexico. Who you want to hear about next? The Zapatistas are a pretty controversial movement. Originating in Chiapas, … Continue reading

06. December 2013
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Coloring Latinidad: On being called out and learning from your mistakes

This post was originally published at, however I felt that being called out and apologizing are practices that are relevant to any feminist, so I’m reposting it here.  A few weeks ago I hosted an On Air Google Hangout titled … Continue reading

22. November 2013
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What All Women of Color Have in Common

Photo via Salon Earlier this week, Julie Carrie Wong published a piece on Salon arguing that one way in which racism manifests itself most harmfully in U.S. society is through the “willful misreading of bodies of color.” This article is … Continue reading

27. September 2013
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As a Latina, I have a problem with Hispanic Heritage Month

This post was originally published on Feministing. According to the U.S. government, September is Hispanic Heritage Month, a celebration of Hispanic culture, heroes and holidays. The White House has had Latin music, NFL players have read to underprivileged children and the Smithsonian website … Continue reading

27. September 2013
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Solidarity isn’t for women in the middle

This post was originally published on Feministing. To read my the post leading up to this one, check out “Why Can’t I Be Both: Questions on Binaries, Privilege and Activism.” My first reaction to #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen was: YES. Now we’re talking. My second reaction … Continue reading

26. September 2013
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This Week in Latina Feminism

I was on Wombanist Views radio show Thursday, talking about Latina feminism in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Click to hear about reproductive justice, colorism within the Latin@ community, diaspora and international feminist movements. Little Miss Hispanic Delaware Stripped of Her … Continue reading

25. September 2013
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