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On Feministing: Violence Against Afro-Latinxs

My last two posts on Feministing focused on the African diaspora throughout the Americas. Here are a few excerpts: Like in the US, Black women in Brazil face racist state violence The violent policing of low-income communities of color speaks … Continue reading

11. September 2014
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White Men’s Privilege: There’s An App For That

MonkeyParking is a new app out from the Silicon Valley bunch that allows you to make money by selling your awesome San Francisco parking spot to the highest bidder. Started in Rome, the app has made it’s way to the Bay Area, … Continue reading

30. May 2014
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Muxes, Mexico’s “Third Gender”

These photos have made their rounds on the interwebs a few times now, but they never really lose their relevance do they? Muxes (what we would probably call trans women) are biologically male people who dress and act as women … Continue reading

10. December 2013
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Latinas Feministas: Comandante Ramona

Photo via Bitch Magazine I’m trying to bring back my Latinas Feministas series, and expand it a bit. Today’s Feminista is from Mexico. Who you want to hear about next? The Zapatistas are a pretty controversial movement. Originating in Chiapas, … Continue reading

06. December 2013
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Is the American Dream for Everyone?

I love these images from photographer Sam Comen. According to Latino Voices, Comen photographed migrant workers living in California’s Central Valley. “…To highlight the disparity between dream and actuality, Comen creates photos that resemble glossy magazine images. The photographer casts … Continue reading

28. November 2013
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Coloring Latinidad: On being called out and learning from your mistakes

This post was originally published at, however I felt that being called out and apologizing are practices that are relevant to any feminist, so I’m reposting it here.  A few weeks ago I hosted an On Air Google Hangout titled … Continue reading

22. November 2013
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Rape Might Be a Problem at the Border. But We Have No Way of Knowing.

Image Credit. It is relatively common knowledge that the U.S.-Mexico border is fraught with problems. We’ve known that it costs the U.S. a lot of money each year, and know that it is a pretty dangerous place for migrants, many … Continue reading

11. October 2013
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