Realtime Gaming SoftwareWhen someone is about to sign up with an online casino, the most important factor is safety and fairness. These two characteristics can only be present if the software backing up the casino games is a trustworthy provider, or even a leader in the online casino industry. Realtime Gaming software is present on this market since 1999, with headquarters in Atlanta and Costa Rica.

The software backs up a very large number of games, and a great variety of course. For example, the real series slots games has been a huge hit among online slots fans. A quite interesting feature, the software came up with an innovating idea: Autoplay mode. This simply means that you can have the slots run automatically, if you are caught up in an important phone call for example, or if you need to send an email. The slots play for you and earn you the cash that you want, simply by hitting Autoplay! A lot of online casino gamers found this feature quite entertaining and useful at times when they did not want their game interrupted, but had to step out for a few minutes.

One little drawback offered by Realtime Gaming software backed up slots machines, is that the operators are given free hand in regulating the payout percentages. Now this feature might seem quite unattractive to many online gamers. It almost depends on the good willingness or bad intentions of an operator what payout percentage he will regulate for a certain day or at a given game.

  • Realtime Gaming belongs among the trustworthy software providers
  • It is considered a leader on the online casino market
  • It offers a lot of advantages to players
  • It offers a secure environment and a hassle free gaming session, whichever casino game you choose
  • More than 100 games you can choose from
  • If you are a video poker fan, than Realtime Gaming backs up the best video poker games you can find in all the online casinos.
  • Easy to navigate interfaces
  • Players from the US accepted, and this is a major positive point (keeping in mind how many online casinos restrict admission of US players).