This Is the Day

The Walk For Choice was today. And let me say that it went amazingly. We had plenty of people there, with awesome signs and spirit. For those of you who know Santa Cruz, we walked down the main downtown street, chanting and stopping traffic. From there we turned and walked up to the main street of Santa Cruz, which is also part of Highway 1, and we took a whole side of it, eventually parking ourself in the main intersection of the town. Everyone saw us, we got plenty of honks and people who came to join us. It felt so great.

Right now, I’m falling asleep after a day of escorting and then protesting. So I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. But for now, I’m including a ton of photos that I took, as a self-assigned photo project. I’m sorry I can’t arrange them in a way that doesn’t involve so much scrolling, I’m having difficulty making Flickr work with my site. But for now, enjoy! And let me know, did you go to a Walk? Was it in Santa Cruz? Or somewhere else? Leave me a comment in the left hand column!



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27. February 2011 by Juliana
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  • Serena

    Fun photos – I love the series of “I stand with Planned Parenthood.”

  • Juliana


  • Jenny

    The Jamaican girl, “stand”, is totally my girlfriend Elena! & she’s standing between her BFFs Alex & Nicole :] I really wish I could have been there!

  • Juliana

    Oh, that’s so funny! I have another picture of her posing with a “Pro Woman” sign. She was great, really got into the photo, instead of just smiling politely :). Bummer you couldn’t have been there, but thanks for posting about it, I’m sure that helped get the word out!