Walk For Choice: Not About Abortion

So things in my life are pretty crazy right now. I don’t know about you guys, but I am pretty fired up after what’s been happening in the news around women’s reproductive rights. I’m angry. Because as you probably figured out by now I LOVE Planned Parenthood. I think it’s a pretty important resource. And I get cranky when people start threatening it.

So, along with some friends, I am working to organize a Walk for Choice in Santa Cruz this Saturday. It’s a National Event, happening all around the country, so if you don’t live in Santa Cruz, then go to the central site to find one near you. Or carpool. Or walk. Or skip. Or run screaming over and over again “I have a right to choice and control over my body you conservative scumbags!” Or maybe just carpool.

Anyways, in this post I wanted to educate you all about what is going on, in case you haven’t been paying attention.

Though there have been repeated attacks on women’s reproductive rights, the final straw was this: Last week, the House passed a bill to cut all Title X funding to Planned Parenthood, which accounts for the majority of PP’s total funding. This was done on the logic that taxes should not be used to pay for abortions. However, due to the Hyde Amendment, this is already illegal. So basically what this bill would do if it passed in the Senate would be to cut funding for everything BUT abortion. It is an attack on health care for low-income women.

But it is also an attack on young girls, boys, transgenders and any other humans who want reproductive health services but may not want to tell their parents. I know you guys have all at least considered going there for that reason. I know I have.

However, there have been plenty of other equally shocking and offensive moves lately by the GOP. I’ll let these other awesome internet sources explain them to you:

Click here to read about what’s happening in Arizona around women’s rights.

Go here to read Gail Collins’ awesome NY Times Op-Ed about what’s been going on.

Read about how Feminists for Choice is standing with Planned Parenthood by clicking here.

Want to learn about how the GOP is trying to redefine rape as only “forcible rape”? Go here.

How do you feel about the South Dakota proposed bill that would have made it legal to kill an abortion provider? Don’t know about it? Go here.

This is a big deal. I’m going to be posting about it a lot this week. Tomorrow I’ll give you guys some hints on what you can do besides go on the walks. But for now, that’s what’s most important. Protest. Make your voice heard. Regardless of how you feel about abortions, this isn’t about abortion, this is about women’s health care, about being able to find affordable pap smears, STD screening, primary care and more. So please, if you’re from the Santa Cruz area, go to our Facebook page and plan to go to the event, or go to our blog and educate yourself. If you’re not from Santa Cruz, go to the Walk For Choice site and find a walk near you.

We can’t let this happen without saying something. We can’t. Come use your voice, and speak up for choice.

24. February 2011 by Juliana
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